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Advancing research that has a meaningful and positive impact on the every day lives of chronic disease patients and survivors.

Advancing Chronic Disease

Treatment Through Research

FitMed Foundation is pioneering research into exercise medicine, psychological, and dietetic medicine as neoadjuvant and adjuvant treatments for chronic disease. With a primary focus on fostering innovative solutions that enhance the effectiveness of treatments, increase survivability, reduce symptoms, improve quality of life and deliver better health outcomes.

Our Corporate Partners

Each year our Corporate Partners ensure that additional research and support reaches projects that would otherwise miss out. There are many ways your organisation can join in.



Nominate to sponsor a specific research project during our Annual Open Invitation.


Organise a staff casual day or fun team-building event to fundraise.

Provide Prizes, vouchers, merchandise, products, or services for one of our events.

In-Kind Giving

Have your team help out at one of our events.


Our Focus

Diet contributes to the development of many chronic conditions, some cancers, and perhaps some neurological diseases. In addition to being a cause it can also be a powerful adjuvant treatment that complements traditional approaches to disease management. By investigating the role of nutrition in promoting health and aiding chronic disease treatment, we aim to provide evidence-based solutions that optimise patient outcomes.


The psychological aspects of chronic disease management are often not well understood. Stress, anxiety and depression are concomitants of chronic disease and a side effect of some treatments. By advocating for a multi-disciplinary approach and the integration of mental health strategies into existing protocols, we aim to enhance patient well-being and contribute to a holistic approach to chronic disease care.

Mental Health

Exercise Medicine is a clinically prescribed adjuvant and preventative treatment. We recognise the significant impact of exercise medicine on chronic diseases and strive to uncover innovative treatments through rigorous scientific study. By focusing on personalised Exercise Medicine as a key component of disease prevention and management, we aim to improve global health outcomes, survivability and enhance overall well-being.

Exercise Medicine


We are thankful for our Patron’s invaluable perpetual pledge of support and contributions to advancing chronic disease treatment and improving community.

Our Role

Raising money to support research into exercise medicine, psychological and dietetic adjuvant treatments for chronic disease.

Grants and Funding

Treatment Research

Knowledge Sharing

Clinical and Research Data

Information Access for Researchers

Facilitating research into exercise medicine, psychological and dietetic adjuvant treatments for chronic disease.

Promoting research findings on exercise medicine, psychological and dietetic adjuvant treatments for chronic disease.

Maintaining a global database of de-identified clinical and adjuvant treatment data for research use.

Granting access, on the basis of merit, to de-identified clinical patient and adjuvant treatment data exclusively for use in research.

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